Munising Trail Report 1/27

Temperatures warmed up again here in Munising.  Snow in town and along the side of the roads is thin.

The Coalwood and Haywire section of Trail 8 are pretty bumpy.  The 419 connector going into Wetmore is bumpy, snirty, and some of the corners closer to town are icy and dirty.  Seems to be a little on the warm side for the groomers.  The groomed snowmobile trails are fair to good at this time with an 8 inch base.

There is still good riding on the forest and logging roads in the Hiawatha National Forest.  Good news is the weather forecast is calling for more lake effect snow this weekend.  Maybe 8+ inches of powder on the way.

Munising Trail Report 1/24

Trail 8 Coalwood


The snowmobile trails around Munising are still looking pretty good after the warm up and ice yesterday.  We had some thawing along with some freezing rain and snow.  Then the temps dropped into the 20’s again and everything froze back up.

The groomed trails are a little bumpy but with the fresh snow we have falling now the groomers should be able to smooth them out today.  Another 1-3 inches of snow is in the forecast for today.


Hiawatha Forest Rd.




Munising Trail Report 1/22

Grand Island


The snowmobile trails are still in very good shape here in Munising MI.  We have around an eight inch base on the groomed trails and two foot of powder in the woods.  The weather man is forecasting freezing rain, sleet, and snow in the next 24 hours.

Ice is starting to form on Munising Bay and a few ice shantys have already popped up on the ice.


Ice Fisherman on Munising Bay


Pictured Rocks Lake Superior

Munising Trail Report 1/19

Still snowing here in Munising and the temperatures have dropped to the single digits.  We have had another six inches of snow fall here in the last 24 hours and it’s still snowing.  Temperatures falling to -10F with wind chill readings down to  -25F tonight.

The groomed snowmobile trails around Munising and Alger County MI are in great condition with an eight inch base and fresh powder on top.  The forest roads in the Hiawatha National Forest offer fresh powder and unbroken trails.  Come on up and enjoy Munising.



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